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What can we do for you?

Just like you, we all love deals. When it comes to buying a used car there is a new way to shop. Why pay retail price when you can buy it for much less?   As dedicated professionals and admitted car lovers, we offer a unique approach to the used vehicle purchase. We remove the anxiety while helping you find exactly the car you want – and most importantly at a wholesale price.   It’s really quite simple. Consider us to be your personal car broker. We act on your behalf, providing you with advice and expertise, protecting your interests and reaching the ultimate goal: finding the right car and saving you money.

What are the advantages of buying direct?

Savings guaranteed

Most used cars at retail outlets come from the same place: the Wholesale Auto Market that is not open to the public. The difference lies in post-sale markup. The markups at a used car lot can be into the thousands.   As a used car broker, we have no showroom or inventory so our overhead is very low. Therefore we can pass the savings on to you. Which in some cases can amount to thousands of dollars.


Buy with confidence

Most of our customers aren’t technical experts and need honest advice about the car they buy. We conduct extensive background checks on all vehicles offered for sale, ensuring they are mechanically good and meet your expectations.   You will know the complete history of the car you are buying: condition, mileage, accidents and any other problems that aren’t always disclosed. With this you get piece of mind.   You know exactly what you buying and all the guesswork is taken out of the transaction. No worries. No surprises.



You will have access to a few thousand cars every week: lease returns, trade ins, rentals, repossessions, you name it.   Torontocarauction is a full service auto broker. We are with you every step of the way, from the first phone call to when we hand you the keys. We handle all of the details – inspections, financing and extended warranties.   Don’t live in the Toronto area? Not a problem. We can ship a car to anywhere in Canada for a surprisingly reasonable rate.   Most importantly, you know exactly what you’re paying for – there are no grey areas. You will see the car’s wholesale price, our fee, as well as all applicable fees for inspections, transportation, licensing and HST.

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Call us at 1 800 213 1732 to find out how to get a better car for less…(you’ll be glad you did)