versus North Toronto Auction

Why would you use the services of when the North Toronto Auction in Innisfil, Ontario is open to the public and has hundreds of vehicles a week crossing the auction block? Indeed, North Toronto Auction opens up a world of high-mileage and potentially low cost cars to savvy bidders with some experience, smarts and crucially, luck on their side.

However, at that admittedly exciting free-for-all that is an 80 kilometer drive north from Toronto, you “pay your money and take your chances”. Most of the cars are well worn, coming from fleets (government, businesses and rental companies) and dealers who need to move high-mileage trade-ins – cars they can’t sell on their lots. All vehicles at the North Toronto Auction are sold “as is”. Once off the lot, you’re on your own.

Does everybody have the time to peruse the stock two days prior to the auction? Does everybody have the experience and knowledge to spot a good car when it crosses the block? Does everybody have the smarts not to get caught up in the excitement of bidding and know when to back out?

Of course not.

Does everybody want a good deal on a used vehicle.? Oh yeah. And peace of mind with the purchase? Absolutely.

This is where comes in. Think of us as your personal car shopper – attending auctions on your behalf to source the vehicle you have requested. We remove the leg work and the guess work.

Essentially, we operate on a completely different model. We deal solely with dealer-only auto auctions where leasing companies sell their stock. Many are manufacturer leasing divisions from companies like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Toyota and so on. These are generally one to four-year-old vehicles with lower mileage. We don’t deal in $2000-$3000 cars with 200,000 km plus on the odometers.

At we work for you, the buyer. While the North Toronto Auction is a large operation, we have access to dozens of dealer auctions here in Canada and the US. The selection is staggering – we are talking about thousands of cars every week.

From Bugs to Bentleys, they are all out there. Just let us know what you want. As a full service provider, we will take care of everything from inspection to registration to financing to delivery. We conduct extensive background checks on all vehicles so you’ll know exactly what you are buying.

Granted, a day at the North Toronto Auction can be an exciting adventure, and for the few who seek a high-mileage vehicle and know the “ropes”, it can be beneficial. Problem is, for the unwary, this dream of cheap metal can easily turn into a nightmare. Having been in the business of buying cars at auction for years, we understand that most car shoppers are not equipped to handle the auction experience.

But we also know the best deals can be found at auctions. So let us help you get a great price on a high quality pre-owned vehicle. Our experience, enthusiasm and low overhead are key to making this a reality.